And here is what the “MAKE YOUR OWN Wine” package offers

We invite you to be our guests four times within a season. We can meet you at a preferred airport (Sofia or Tessaloniki) and drive you to the complex; after your stay we can see you off back to the airport.
During your weekend stay at our place you can participate in the wine making process – from collecting the harvest to the most pleasant part – its consumption.
During any of your four visits we will serve you dinner included in the price, and after your sweet dreams in the fresh Pirin mountain air we will acquaint you with the way we produce our wine and will give you a chance to make your own wine  – under the scrutinized look of our specialists.
During your first visit you can pick up the grapes directly from our own yards situated near the winery of Georgievi Bros; during your second and third visit you will help us with the smashing and decanting of the grape mixture which will be turning into wine at the time.
During your final visit at Georgievi Bros you will be able to bottle your own production comprising of 300 bottles included in the price which we will afterwards send to your home. Of course, you will try the new wine during your visit and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Georgievi Bros winery.
During each of your visits at Georgievi Bros you have a special evening with Bulgarian traditional food and drinks that you will never forget. We have prepared special surprises that will make your experience unforgettable.

Each packet includes:

  • Four double transfers from and a to a preferred airport
  • Eight nights with breakfast included
  • Eight dinners, four of them “Traditional celebration”
  • 300 bottles of wine produced by yourself with a personalized label and transport to the country you live in
  • Free Jacuzzi, sauna and Wi-Fi Internet
  • Good mood

In case you are unable to come to us four times, in order to prepare your own wine you can only come for the first and last sessions while the rest of the time our specialists will take responsibility as in taht case you will receive a 40% discount of the price.

For any questions about the offers, reservations or of any other kind, please contact us on our e-mail.