Make your own Blend

Dear wine lovers,

We are sending you a warm welcome from the sunny and fruitful village of Ploski, Bulgaria where the winemaking traditions have lasted for millenniums. Our land has proven to be of the best locations in the world for making wine and we consider the wine as the essence of the good life and wellbeing.

As a man gets older and wiser, we, the Georgiev brothers, matured for the idea to start our own winery and do what we would enjoy most as a lifetime perspective. This is how we started our adventure to make wine and enjoy life in the most natural way. It’s not only our great passion and energy,our former business success and experience that is incarnated into this project, it’s our soul that you will feel in all we do.

What we offer you is the unique chance to blend wine to your own very special taste at a place famous for its stunning landscape, sunny days and ancient traditions. Your individual wine blend will surely make you feel proud and will give you the opportunity to stand out and impress your business partners and customers with an original gift.

We will make sure that you’ll recive more that wine here!

Life is beautiful here!

The wine tasting will be your main experience with us. It also comes with delicious appetizers in an anti-stress residential environment which has a lot to offer. The cosy atmosphere of the complex will help you for your complete rest. Enjoy our three luxury double rooms and a huge studio with their wooden furniture and homemade warmth.

The sunny days are best spend in our big garden or on the veranda, wich are all decorated with typical Bulgarian folklore items. The evenings are usually spent in the “Mechana” (tavern) which will delight you with special wine and tasty traditional meals. If you like to keep in touch with the surrounding world, there is a free Wi-Fi all over the place.

Winemakery Club is located in the village of Ploski – laying on the western slopes of the Pirin mountain. It’s a place full of life since Thracian and Roman times. Nowadays Ploski represents a calm and friendly village with around 800 residents, a school, a beautifully decorated chapel and a church. It has kept its tradition in winemaking and tobacco growing for centuries.

17 kilometres away, you can find the town of Sandanski – famous with over 80 mineral springs and a lovely lake park. Not far away is the smallest Bulgarian city – Melnik – which amazes with its winemaking traditions and impressive cellars. The Fortress of King Samuil and the Rilski and Rozhen monasteries will also captivate all history lovers. And if you have more Mediterranean taste, Thessaloniki – the second largest city in Greece – is only a couple of hours away.

Your own wine – to please and share!

A bottle of quality wine with a personalized label on it is certainly a classy gift which will improve your corporate image. It’s a really personal gift indeed because the wine in the bottle will be blended by you, which makes it as unique as possible. In that way you will show not only your good intentions but also your individual taste. Your personalized bottles of wine are the best drink for corporate events wich emphasizes your impeccable attention to detail.

The blending process is more than just producing high quality wine. It is an enjoyable experience where you can follow your personal intuition and taste.It’s a great way to have some fun because the hole process can be the major attraction during team building event, using the fact that wine brings people together and establishes friendly relations. The blending usually happens during one weekend and can be combined with short trips to attractive locations nearby and additional wine tasting events. This is not a seasonal activity so it can occur at any suitable time, e.g. before a special occasion like a company event or a Christmas party. An experienced winemaker will be always nearby to help you achieve the best result.

It’s time to make your own elixir!

Winemakery Club combines the traditional craftsmanship with the innovative technology through the whole process. The final product is a true and divine elixir which will emphasize its qualities once you have tasted it. We guarantee the superior quality of the final product as a result of a long and careful selection of first class grapes like the Shiroka Melnishka, Merlot, Misket Sandansky and other varieties. All the grapes are grown in an eco friendly region and comes from local vineyards.

The wine blending is performed during a long lunch or dinner at the guest house. It lasts for about 2 to 4 hours and includes blending of 3-4 sorts of wine. People are separated in several small groups which compete between them selves for the producing of the most tasteful blend. There will be a jury that will choose the best blend which will then be produced in a larger quantity and bottled for  personal and corporative gifts for different occasions.

The quantity you will receive at the end of the process is 300 bottles (1 barrel)*.

* More wine can be produced if requested.

Winemakery Club offers yoy three options to experience the wine blending process:

 Corporative event/team building for up to 20 people. The event includes: blending workshop, bottling, party at our guest house with wine tasting of the blend that you’ve already blended and traditional food like Cheverme or Baked whole lamb in a traditional oven.

Visits to one or two other wineries – on request. Price: BGN4300 for a group of 20 people. Includes 300 bottles of wine from the preferred blend.

* We can assist with organizing the accommodation in a partnering hotel in Sandanski.

 Private event for up to 10 person accommodated at our guest house (3 double rooms and 1 studio): includes two nights with breakfast and dinner at the winery guest house, blending workshop, party at our guest house with wine tasting of the blend that you’ve already blended and traditional food like Cheverme or Baked whole lamb in a traditional oven. Special label manufacture! Visits to one or two other wineries – on request.

Price: BGN4700 for 300 bottles or BGN2420 for 60 bottles. Includes accommodation, food and custom labelled bottles of wine from the preferred blend.

 Custom wine blend for connoisseurs and for corporative purposes: A barrel with a special wine blend is bottled with custom labels and prepared to be delivered from the winery.

Price: BGN4000 for 300 custom labelled bottles of wine.

All prices exclude VAT.