About us

Georgievi Bros. – the dream of two brothers

Over the years the Georgievi brothers have been working in different fields and business, but quite often would find themselves working together in the same company, which gradually led them to the idea of having a business of their own. They wanted to set up a company of their own, where they could invest all their life and working experience and practice their great ability to communicate with many people of different circles and expertise.

They wanted to create a business that would be a novelty in its area; a business that would allow them to meet such people and give them an unforgettable wine-making experience, provided by the powerful taste of a wine made with hard work, experience and love.

Todor Georgiev:

Todor started his career as an engineer at BTK, the leading Bulgarian telecommunications company at the time. Later he joined Telelink and grew his way to the C-level management, leading different company departments and most recently taking a place as a Director at ISG-Technology – a UK based company. In order to improve his skills in leadership, human resources and business, he studied MBA at the Warwick Business School. His dream of having a business company on his own was conceived right there and not long after that his brother would embrace the same idea as well.

Georgi Georgiev:

Georgi has been working in different business fields such as telecommunications, trade, and publishing. His last occupation was as a CEO of a company representing Glamour Magazine. As of recent he started investing his time, efforts and money in his mother’s home village called  Ploski (Sandanski). He bought some vineyard areas over there and started producing limited edition of bottled wine, studying the local wine-making traditions in parallel. For the production of his wine, George works with the best enologists in the region.

Led by their dreams and desire to create something unique for the whole region, the two brothers established Gergievi Bros. –  WineMakeryClub. They hope to deliver a one-of-a-kind service where their passion and personal attention to all the club members will make them feel special and will guarantee an unforgettable wine-making-and-tasting experience.